Do you have a vision for 2021?

Tuesday, February 9, 2021 5:48 pm
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Emily Dickinson, the executive coach at Novus Global joins Bec and Jeziel in the studio.

It’s February and already I bet many people have ditched their new year’s resolutions and even their business goals by this stage.  Or maybe you never set goals or this year because of COVID, because who knows what’s going to happen in the world anyway. I want to give you some tips today to set a vision that will help you to succeed.

We wouldn’t hop into a car without a destination so why do we do it in life or business? 

Goals help you to achieve the vision especially when they’re practical and measurable.


Key tips to setting your vision:

1) Write out what future life and impact would absolutely thrill you. Most people stick to safe and comfortable because we want to avoid failure and disappointment at all costs. Give yourself permission to dream and think what would thrill you, even if it feels impossible.

2)  Include your why – this will be the biggest motivator for you.  It needs to stir up so much passion in you that you would suffer to reach it.  Because as we take the risks and step into the growth needed to get to a new vision or level in life, it’s uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Our body thinks that it’s suffering so we need to be able to tell ourselves it’s worth the discomfort to get where we’re going.

3) Put your dreams and goals out on paper and then stretch them 2x, 3x, or 10x. This exercise is about stretching your mind. You won’t necessarily go after a 10x goal, but it is interesting to see what your mind does when you think about that goal.

 I recently met with a company who were creating their vision for 2021.  When I invited them to stretch their income goals to 10x what they had predicted, it completely changed their strategy, it thrilled them and suddenly new possibilities opened up. They had been there the whole time but they hadn’t even noticed because they were playing such a small game.

4) Stretch your goals to the point that they seem impossible. So many people set goals that they know they can win because then they won’t fail – and we as humans hate failure.  The problem with this is we never explore what we’re capable of.  We limit our own growth.

This is where you will notice that your limiting beliefs will show up. “I am not capable of doing that” or “that’s just not possible” or “I don’t know how to do that” are all examples of limiting beliefs that will begin to show up when you stretch your goals beyond your current capacity.  The other one I hear often is “that’s not realistic”.

5) A great coach will ask you (and I’m telling you today so you can ask yourself) “What are the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from asking for what you want or creating what you want in the world?” Often, the biggest obstacles to our desired future are limiting beliefs which lead to inaction, stunting our growth and keeping us at the status quo.

Write out a vision and then notice what limiting beliefs are holding you back from asking what you want or creating what you want in the world?

Have a listen below to see how you can improve your vision for 2021.

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