Monday, February 8, 2021
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Have you entered one of our online giveaways? Or maybe you went in the draw to win a prize on our Instagram or Facebook page? If you did, you can find out if you’ve won and see the details of how to claim your prize here!


See Penguin Bloom at Hoyts –  Movie Giveaway

Penguin Bloom tells the true story of Sam Bloom (Academy Award® nominated Naomi Watts.) A young mother whose world is turned upside down after a near-fatal accident leaves her unable to walk. Sam’s husband, (Andrew Lincoln), her three young boys and her mother (Academy Award® nominated Jacki Weaver), are struggling to adjust to their new situation when an unlikely ally enters their world in the form of an injured baby magpie they name Penguin. The bird’s arrival is a welcome distraction for the Bloom family, eventually making a profound difference in the family’s life.

Click here to find session times at Hoyts.

Congratulations: Donna Read

Please email [email protected] with your full name, contact number and postal address by 11.59 pm on Thursday the 11th February to claim your prize.


Elfkins: Baking a Difference the Movie Giveaway

The Elfkins: Baking a Difference, rated G, in cinemas now.


The famous, hard-working Elfkins of Cologne finally return! Since they were ousted by a malevolent tailor’s wife more than 200 years ago, they have been hiding underground. But lively Elfie can’t stand this restricted life any longer and climbs to the surface to find her true calling. Together with two companions, she ends up in the bakery of grumpy pastry chef Theo who is feuding with his profit-hungry brother. While they first cause a lot of chaos, Elfie is determined to help Theo. And who would be better suited to “bake” him happy than the Elfkins?

Congratulations: Tracey Newman

Please email [email protected] with your full name, contact number and postal address by 11.59 pm on Sunday the 31st January to claim your prize.


High Ground the Movie Giveaway

High Ground, rated MA, in cinemas January 28th.

Set against the stunning landscapes of 1930s Arnhem Land, High Ground chronicles young Aboriginal man Gutjuk. In a bid to save the last of his family, Gutjuk, teams up with ex-soldier Travis to track down Baywara, the most dangerous warrior in the Territory, his uncle. As Travis and Gutjuk journey through the outback they begin to earn each other’s trust, but when the truth of Travis’ past is revealed, it is he who becomes the hunted.

Congratulations: @Ebonyandstevey and @jessee.j_72

Winners were contacted by Instagram DM.

Dreambuilders the Movie Giveaway

Dreambuilders, rated PG, in cinemas now.



In this beguiling animated tale, Minna misuses her newfound ability to control other people’s dreams to teach her bothersome step-sister a lesson.
To go in the draw to win a family pass watch the movie trailer (in this link) and answer this trivia question: Minna’s new step sister Jenny wants to get rid of Minna’s pet. What kind of pet does she have? The answer: a hamster.
Everyone who correctly answered this question and tagged a friend in the comments of our Facebook post went in the draw to win.

Congratulations: Linda Tay and Joanna Hancock

Please email [email protected] with your full name, contact number and postal address by 11.59 pm on Sunday the 24th January to claim your prize.

Music the Movie Giveaway

Music, rated M, in select cinemas January 14th.



Zu is a free spirit estranged from her family who suddenly finds herself the sole guardian of her half-sister, Music (Ziegler). The musical drama explores the tenuous bonds that hold us together and imagines a world where those bonds can be strengthened in times of great challenge: love, trust, and being able to be there for each other is everything.

Congratulations: Hannah Johnson and Alison Cross

Please email [email protected] with your full name, contact number and postal address to claim your prize.

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