Kirste’s Movie Club: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Thursday, February 11, 2021 11:44 am
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When Kirste found out there was a loooong list of classic movies Dan and Producer Leon hadn’t seen, she knew something had to be done. And thus, Kirste’s Movie Club was born.


Every week, Kirste picks a movie from the list (usually a chick flick…) and tasks the boys with watching and reviewing. For the first instalment, Kirste picked one of her favourites, the Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey classic How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

For those who haven’t seen it, firstly, lucky you, secondly, here’s how it goes. Andie (Kate Hudson) is an up and coming magazine writer. Despite her aspirations for political journalism, she finds herself writing trashy How-To articles for Composure magazine. In an attempt to get a leg up, she pitches a story where she begins dating a guy, then tries all the classic mistakes ladies make in order to lose him in 10 days or less. Meanwhile, Benji (Matthew McConaughey) is a marketing manager who desperately wants to get on the new diamond client account. In order to prove he can market anything, he bets his boss he can win a girl over in 10 days. How convenient, right?

With such a classic rom-com storyline, how could you go wrong? Well, Dan and Leon had watch to find out:

Dan’s Thoughts on the movie:

What is there to say about this film apart from…. “yeah Meh”
It’s not bad and its not good. It’s just Meh.Here is a list of thoughts:
1. Andi Andrews & Benjamin Barry are two of the worst names in film history
2. It only takes 6 minutes & 27 seconds for Matthew McConaughey to take his shirt off
3. There is no entrance to Madison Square Garden from 7th Ave (Factual Inaccuracy)
4. Matthew McConaughey throws an ice cream a passing truck (not very gentlemanly)
5. The real issues of this film could be resolved in one short conversation, “i started relationship for a bet but i realised that I actually love you” “What? That’s crazy because i started the whole thing for an article I’m writing but i found the man of my dreams” etc etc etc….

To summarise… this isn’t going to revolutionise cinema.
3 out of 5

Leon’s Thoughts:

Before I watched this movie, I told Kirste I’d rate it both on what I thought of it as a ‘movie critic’, and how much I enjoyed it. Funnily enough, both ratings were pretty much the same, but we’ll get to that. I’m a very pragmatic person, so I think the reason I usually don’t enjoy rom-coms is that most of them would be A LOT shorter if people just talked about their relationship. Andie clearly falls for Benji, and vice versa. So why not just admit to each other that, yeah I was doing this to get up at work, but it turns out you’re a cool dude/chick. Neither of them even like their jobs that much! Why not choose love over a job you’re not fussed about!?

Anyway, to that end, I found I actually enjoyed this movie. But only when things were going well and everyone was getting along. The card game scene was particularly nice. Maybe I do like rom-coms? That’s the good thing about this movie, it makes you face the hard truths about your life.

Critic rating: 7/10

Enjoyment rating: 7/10

To hear all our thoughts on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, check out the podcast below:

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