What is ‘Radiothon’ and why is it important?

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 9:10 am
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At 98five we are a not-for-profit, listener-supported community radio station and proud of it.  Because of our community broadcasting license, we’re sponsorship restricted. Which means over 50% of our funding has to come from listeners and the community, just like you.
This also means we’re also limited to 5 minutes of sponsorship an hour. Compared to the 15+ minutes an hour you’ll hear on commercial stations.
So every year in November we host ‘Radiothon’. Where we invite our listeners and communities to financially support the work of 98five. So we can keep broadcasting on air 24/7!
Our $198,000 target will take care of our operating expenses. Including funding our great team at 98five as well as paying the bills like electricity, our license and music royalties. This year, we specifically need to replace some crucial equipment in Studio One (Bec‘s studio), replace our back up transmitter, replace the transmitter in Katanning and build our new video studio.
2020 hasn’t gone the way that we planned, but 98five has been there through bushfires, a global pandemic, political and cultural unrest. We’re committed to broadcasting hope to Perth and beyond and we’ve only been able to do that thanks to your continuous support.  Join with us for Radiothon 2020 so that we can continue to share hope with our 462,000 monthly listeners in Perth and beyond.
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Every donation of $2 or more is tax-deductible.
Read our Radiothon FAQs here. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram so you don’t miss any of the good stuff!
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